Dr. Ros Putland

About me

I am an underwater acoustician who specializes in understanding the soundscapes (geological, biological and anthropogenic sounds) from long term hydrophone deployments, as well how aquatic life may be effected by both behaviourally and physiologically as a consequence of noise.

I am currently a postdoctoral associate at the University of Minnesota Duluth working in the Mensinger lab on the sensory physiology of fishes. For my research, I am collaborating with the USGS to analyse the soundscapes on the Mississippi prior to the installation of acoustic deterrents for invasive carp as well as test the auditory sensitivity of both native and invasive freshwater fishes. I also taught two undergraduate classes: Animal Physiology and Marine Biology.

I completed my doctorate at the University of Auckland, New Zealand (2017) developing novel automated detection and localization techniques for the specific sounds produced by fish, Bryde's whales and other aquatic animals.

September 2020

  • Published a new article on the "Anesthetic effects of AQUI-S 20E (eugenol) on the afferent neural activity of the oyster toadfish (Opsanus tau)" in Fish Physiology and Biochemistry

July 2020

  • I finished working on using the auditory evoked potential technique to test the hearing sensitivity of freshwater fishes: lake sturgeon, largemouth bass, bigmouth buffalo, walleye and northern hogsucker.

August 2020

  • Online weekly meetings and webinars have been going on over the summer with the other 2020 Grass Fellows and guest speakers such as Dr Roger Hanlon from the Marine Biology Laboratory, Woods Hole, MA, USA (see zoom screenshot above).

June 2020

  • Hydrophones and underwater cameras were deployed in the Boundary Waters Wilderness Area, Minnesota to test the effects of noise on fish behaviour.

Photos (left to right): Bigmouth Buffalo Ictiobus cyprinellus in the lab, Lake Sturgeon Acipenser fulvescens in the AEP setup, Equipment ready to be deployed, Emily Fleissner, Megan Mensinger and I about to canoe for the day.